Schedule of Upcoming Zoom Classes- PRICES GOING UP FEBRUARY 1, 2021

New Sessions After School Dinner Prep Classes  Forming for Winter 2021 Get a group of 8-10 teens together and form a class.

Imagine that you are at home working all day, managing your children’s online education and by late afternoon, you’ve had enough. And your children have been sitting all day long too so get them on their feet! Sign up your child, ages 12-17 for Paula’s series of 5 virtual cooking classes and once each week, you will not have to cook dinner! Cooking experience helps.

A series of 5 classes is $250 per household and classes are limited to 12 households. Recipes provided in advance once payment received. Price going up to $300 after 2/1/21.

Menu options:

  1. Broccoli and leek quiche, chopped string beans
  2. Caramelized onion and sweet potato soup, roasted salmon smashed potatoes
  3. Korean rice bowls with tofu
  4. Pita, tahini, chicken shwarma, chopped salad
  5. Fish tacos, mango coleslaw, tostones
  6. roasted salmon, ceasar salad, roasted whole carrots
  7. chicken scallopini, asparagus with gremolata, vegetable ramen soup
  8. meatballs and spaghetti,  roasted mixed vegetables

To sign up, Message Paula. Payment is via Venmo.

Form a Group of Teens to Learn Basic or Advanced Baking

Cost is $325 per household, siblings working on one dessert together, max 6 students.


1.  madeleines, truffles, chocolate mousse  
2.     crepes with chocolate sauce, palmiers
3.     opera layer cake (has nuts)
4.     lemon tart 
5.     eclairs 
6.     napoleons

Private  Zoom Classes for Adults

Classes can be single classes or a series. Together we choose a menu and a convenient time. This can be for adults or children.

Pricing: $450 for up to 6 people.  $700 for group classes for up to 25 participants.  Classes can be food or desserts, seasonal, be related to a holiday, a theme or something you would like to learn.

  • Bat mitzvahs
  • birthday parties
  • Bachelorette parties
  • Bridal showers
  • Book clubs
  • Kid and teen birthday parties
  • Couples or family cooking classes
  • Introduction to cooking for new brides
  • Office parties

Message Paula to organize a class. Payment is via Venmo. Price going up to $525 2/1/21


Paula Shoyer has been doing zoom events since Passover, attracting as many as 600 people to her virtual events. She teaches recipes, both demonstrations and cook- or bake-alongs, talks about strategies for meal planning, ingredient substitutions and extending the shelf life of food. She explains how the meals we plan can connect us with memories of people and places and how to use food to comfort each other even when we cannot be in the same place.

During these difficult times when many non-profit groups and their members are struggling, Paula is charging $450 per class, when she typically charges $1600 for an in-person event and asks the groups to promote the sale of Paula’s cookbooks.If you partner with another group, each group can pay $250.  She provides recipes way in advance. Price going up to $500 for classes confirmed after 2/1/21.

Message Paula for more information.

Suggested Private Classe Themes

Healthy Weeknight Meals

Shabbat Dinner in an Hour

The Science of Soup

Instant Pot recipes

Healthy Side Dishes

The Art of  Tarts & Pies

Just Chocolate

Quick Desserts for Busy People

Passover Baking

Jewish Holiday Baking

Layer Cakes and Cake Decorating

Holiday Cookies