Join Paula on her new venture: culinary tours around the world.

 The first tour to Israel in Summer 2022 was a huge success. Click here to see the videos.

Savor Tours offers more hands-on cooking classes than any other culinary tour in Israel.  You will learn how to cook these foods and ethnic cuisines from master instructors:

Yemenite                         Moroccan                          Druze                              Farm to Table         Challah braiding                   Cheesemaking               Cocktails                      Israeli         Asian                                                                                                                         Italian                       Pastries, breads & more!

In addition, this is an activity-focused tour and our philosophy is that we should be mindful about all ways we treat our physical selves. Improving our culinary skills encourages us to lean towards homemade, healthier meals. While we are focusing on what we put inside our bodies, we will also have opportunities to strengthen our whole bodies.  Daily fitness experiences include yoga, krav maga, hiking, power walks, pilates, Israeli dance and more.

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