Kosherfest 2019 Roundup

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April 4, 2019
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January 13, 2020

I have been attending the Kosherfest Food Show for more years than I can remember and my goal is always to be wowed. It is truly exhausting, and strangely I am always starving afterwards because I only taste and I don’t eat the extensive offerings of stuffed dough and the arrays of cured meats and hot dogs. Shout out to my travel buddy Susan Barocas, who was a first timer.

I do love all the food, but really the best part of the show is people watching and catching up with friends such as Chanie Apfelbaum, pictured right, Naomi Nachman, pictured left and Esty Wolbe, below. It is an amazing place to see Jewish people of every type of background, observance and dress all work together for a common purpose: enhancing the offerings of kosher food to the world.

There are companies I visit every year, such the The Cheese Guy, Natural and KosherCheeses and Manischewitz, to see what’s new.

Everything at The Cheese Guy is delicious. Manischewitz has cold brew-flavored macaroons (not the French kind) and a frozen pizza for Passover. Natural and Kosher Cheeses now have new very thin slices of cheese.


Here are my top bites:

CocoJolie chocolates – Miriam Gitelman now has a storefront in Englewood, New Jersey. Her chocolates are truly fabulous. The one filled with passion fruit has a very natural and deep flavor.

Mom Pops –I do not usually get excited about ice pops, but as it’s a mom and son business I had to support them. Their ice pops are mini-sized and only 15 calories each PLUS they are really tasty in flavors such as Pineapple Basil, Chocolate and Sea Salt and Mango. AND they are gluten-free, soy-free, tree nut-free as well as kosher and parve. Although they are mostly on the East Coast to Ohio, they are getting in more stores all the time. In the DMV area, you can find them at Whole Foods and Mom’s Organic Market.

Meatless Nation’s Zamaze line of products won the Best New Non-Meat Frozen Food award at the show. Their products are made from shitake mushrooms and I tasted the bacon flavor, which was cooked in an air fryer and is a great vegan bacon substitute. Shout out to my friend Jess Berlin, whose father Daniel developed the line.

Yerbae out of Arizona makes flavored sparkling water with Yerba Mate. Yerba Mate is a tea drink from South American that comes from a plant. It has the same caffeine as coffee but the health benefits of tea as it is antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory. The seltzer comes in flavors such as Mango/Passion Fruit and Watermelon/ Strawberry and they are not overly sweet.


If you ever get to Crown Heights, you have to go to Bakerie, a pastry shop which until recently was primarily all dairy. Their pastries are delicious. At Kosherfest I sampled their new parve tarts and was very impressed with a raspberry chocolate ganache one and a lemon lime tart. At their booth I received samples of Betterine, a brand newcoconut-based parve stick for baking. So stay tuned to see what I think about those. Everyone has been asking me what I think about them . . . so stay tuned.

Kosher CBD products were definitely a trend this year with products such as drops, sprays, gummies and chewing gum. There was also a Hemp Kombucha Starter Kit. An unusual exhibito was a kosher caterer from Dubai.

One of my highlights of Kosherfest every year is catching up with my friend Alain Korcarz. His parents started the Korcarz bakery in the Marais in Paris, the first kosher bakery opened after the Holocaust. I go there every visit to Paris for breakfast or snacks. See my video and article about the history. Alain was promoting par-baked baguettes and his delicious macarons . He even has macarons that are heart-shaped!!!

Mikee, the company that makes a zillion sauces has Matzo Brei Mixers, a spice mix to add to your matzoh brei. Well, I didn’t think of that . . . but as I am not a fan of matzoh brei (sorry), I didn’t taste it.

I always stop by to see Ziporah Rothkopf, create of Kosher Korean KOKO Foods grab samples of gochujang sauce and her white miso. Her products are authentic and made in South Korea. You can buy her products online.

Hopefully you will soon see these products in your local stores, and if there is something you want, approach the managers of your local grocery store and ask them to order for you.

Maybe next year I will have my own product at the show??????