Pass Over the Stress this Passover – Tips for a Healthier, Easier Holiday

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February 15, 2018
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April 30, 2018

You know me as The Kosher Baker, the maven of babka and fruit tarts.

But then I had the chutzpah to come out with a healthy cookbook and tell you that you should be eating natural and healthy food. Now it’s Passover and you want to eat all the favorite family recipes that you eat every year, including my fully loaded cookie bars and Florentine bars from cookbooks past.

I’m going to guide you through the challenge.

Basically, the recipes in both The Healthy Jewish Kitchen and The New Passover Menu show you should be eating so that there is room for dessert.

Here are my tips for Passover cooking and menu planning so you will have more time to get outside and exercise and feel better overall.

3 Ways to Healthy Up Your Seder Menu

  1. Matzoh balls – we love them, but they don’t love us back. Try your soup with Chicken Meatballs from The New Passover Menu. They look like matzoh balls, but aren’t. Plus they are gluten-free.
  2. Matzoh stuffing – why not stuff your turkey or chicken with my dried fruit stuffing from The New Passover Menu?
  3. Kill the kugel – yes, I said it out loud. Why turn your vegetables into cake if you want to have room for actual cake later?? Try side dishes such as Tzimmis Puree from The Healthy Jewish Kitchen instead.

4 Ways to Make Passover Prep Easier

  • All soups can be made 3 days in advance and frozen.
  • Double your favorite recipes such as Triple Chocolate Biscotti and freeze half for later in the holiday.
  • When doubling a brisket recipe, no need to double all of the sauce ingredients. If you are tripling the recipe, then double the sauce.
  • Room temperature side dishes make serving meals easier because they do not need warming up. Try Charred Cauliflower with Orange Vinaigrette from Healthy Jewish Kitchen and make a day in advance.
  • Make breakfast food anyone can grab – ever feel like a short order cook during chol hamoed? One kid wakes at 10, another at noon when you are already prepping lunch. Make Passover Granola – original version in The Holiday Kosher Baker and gluten-free version, in The New Passover Menu. Make a frittata in the morning or even Passover waffles from that book that can be rewarmed when those sleepyheads show their faces.