Passover Shopping List

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March 22, 2020
Meringue Fruit Tarts
Meringue Fruit Tarts
March 30, 2020

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1 5-box matzoh

Manischewitz matzoh ball mix

2 Manischewitz pancake mix

Haddar Gluten Free Panko Japanese Style


2 cans potato starch

1 can cake meal

1 can confectioners sugar

baking powder

fine sea salt

2 bags sugar

vanilla sugar


vanilla extract

1 safflower oil

1 vegetable oil

coconut oil

6 bars bittersweet chocolate

6 bags chocolate chips


1 Tropicana orange juice, no pulp

1 Cammembert wheel

2 bags shredded Mexican cheese


Tnuva sliced cheese

3 bags shredded mozzarella

3 containers  cream cheese

1 pound unsalted butter

1 salted butter tub

3 blocks parve margarine

2 boxes almond milk

Gefen sweetened coconut milk

plain yogurt Normans Greek, either I large or 8 small

1 jar white horseradish

1 jar red horseradish

frozen Gefen Sweet Potato Waffle Fries

mint tea

green tea

earl grey tea

instant coffee

2 jars raspberry jam

almond butter

1 jar bbq sauce

2 jars Tuscanini crushed tomatoes

1 tube Tuscanini tomato paste

2 jars pasta sauce

4 cans tuna in water

1 jar mayonnaise

3 bags quinoa

Heaven and Earth Beet or Veggie Sticks Salad Toppers

3 containers raw cashews

3 containers raw almonds

2 container walnuts halves

ground walnuts

ground almonds

ground hazelnuts

dried cranberries


black pepper


garlic powder

honey bear

dried thyme



2 bags potato chips

Terra Chips

Manischewitz macaroons – new flavor: Earl Grey and Mrs. Maisel cannister

 wine – each bottle 4-5 glasses, need for Seder and rest of chag

 Seder plate items

shank bone