Book Signings

Paula Shoyer can address your group on many topics including the history of Kosher baking, new trends in Kosher food, the history of Jewish cookbooks, baking for Jewish holidays and the spiritual aspects of the Kosher lifestyle. She tells stories from the never-ending book tour and about her experience competing on Food Network’s Sweet Genius. She has delivered inspirational speeches before Jewish groups as large as 900 people and as far away as Hong Kong, China.

Cooking Events

With teaching experience of over 20 years, Paula Shoyer is available for cooking and/or baking classes of any size, from small private classes that you help design to large-scale events for your group or organization. Classes can be tailored to your members’ taste, your locale or any season, holiday or event. Paula has taught cooking to people from age 3 to 80. She also has experience working with special-needs teens and adults. See Classes page to book.

Recipe Testing

Paula Shoyer has done recipe testing and editing for both Kosher by Design Entertains and Kosher by Design Kids in the Kitchen cookbooks. Susie Fishbein writes of Shoyer,

“Your dedication, incredible focus, attention to detail and talent make you a dream to work with. Your love for what you do comes through in every conversation.”

Paula is also available to edit your professional or family cookbooks.

Recipe Development

Paula Shoyer is available to develop recipes for your cookbook, magazine, or for any corporate needs. A little-known fact about Paula is that she was once a pre-med student who loved science. As a result, she approaches recipe development scientifically. She can taste any food or dessert and recreate it. Paula can figure out the problems in a recipe and has the skills and patience to get it right.

Product Development

Paula tested the mixes for Tribes-a-Dozen Voila! Hallah bread mixes, a Washington, DC-area company, now being sold nationwide. In 2014 Paula developed recipes for a new kosher bakery in the San Francisco area and for Shlomy’s Bakery in Brooklyn, NY.

Brand Promotion

Honey Cake Challah

Honey Cake Challah for King Arthur Flour

Paula Shoyer creates recipes using products of the brands she partners with and develops and executes social media campaigns for companies and trade associations, both sweet and savory. Campaigns include posts, stories, and videos on Instagram and Facebook, and soon TikTok as well. Paula has a large following among conservative Jews who live a kosher lifestyle. As Paula does virtual classes for groups all over the USA and beyond, she can promote products to those audiences.

Most Recent Clients

King Arthur Flour Company

Valley Fig Growers Association