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Events post May 2021

For the past 20 years, Paula has traveled the world doing baking and cooking demonstrations for synagogues of all types, Chabads, schools, Federations, JCCS, local and national organizations and others in Washington, DC, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, Texas, Arizona, Michigan, Oregon, Connecticut, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Idaho, New York, Florida, New Jersey, Missouri, California, Massachusetts, Ohio, New Hampshire, Maryland, New Jersey, Toronto, Israel and China just to name a few locations, before audiences from 30 to 250 people.

During COVID, Paula started doing virtual events and attracting as many as 600 people to an event. She taught over 170 virtual cooking classes, some paced as a demonstration and others that were cook- or bake-along and attendees prepare the food and desserts at the same time as Paula. For teens she taught summer baking and cooking camps and after school dinner prep classes.

As of May 2021, she is starting to book in-person events, but has continued to do virtual events for many Jewish groups. Going forward, Paula is open to either in person or virtual cooking events.

At all events, Paula will share her personal story about how a lawyer became a pastry chef and got published, tell funny and inspiring stories  such as how she came to bake in her grandparents’ former house, how to make traditional Jewish dishes healthier, explain how she wrote a cookbook to cope with loss, as well as how to use your instant pot to create delicious food. She includes meal planning, finding substitutions and preserving ingredients and other issues unique to being at home more and bringing groceries in. Paula always includes a spiritual and inspirational message about healing through food.

Paula is available all year round and gets booked up quickly before the major Jewish holidays. Message her here to inquire about a community building event for your group.

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