Why You Should Buy and Cook with an Instant Pot

Cook Dinner Fast- Let My People Eat Podcast
February 1, 2021

The instant pot pressure cooker may have been around for a few years already, but every day people are discovering its secrets. It is truly the hottest kitchen tool in decades and it is here to stay.

Reasons you want to cook with an Instant Pot:

  • Save time – dishes that used to take hours take a fraction of the time to cook
  • Save money cooking with dry legumes and cheaper cuts of meat that become tender cooked in the Instant Pot
  • Easier Cleanup –  everything is in  one metal bowl and because you add more items at one time, there are fewer bowls to clean.
  • Less cooking effort– once you add your ingredients, secure the lid and press your buttons, you don’t have to keep checking on it or stirring. You can get back to work, read your child a story, or just relax.
  • Food is more nutritious – All of the nutrients and flavor stay inside and the speed allows food to retain more vitamins.
  • Kitchen stays cooler and odors stay inside – this is especially helpful in the summer.
  • Use less energy, and less water – so it’s better the environment.

Who is it perfect for:

  • gadget-savvy college kids and young working adults to cook more at home with fewer baking pans and tools
  • parents who need to quickly feed growing families and everyone who wants food fast with less cleanup
  • someone who forgets to thaw chicken or beef before cooking – you can cook frozen items in the pot
  • anyone who needs their meals to cook while they do something else
  • anyone cooking for Shabbat or holidays and has more dishes to prepare than burners on the stovetop
  • young couples new to cooking for themselves as it is simple to master
  • anyone who loves traditional soups and stews, whether the recipes are from Eastern Europe, North Africa, Iran or the Mediterranean